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Mini plantain cups on white plate, filled with avocado and topped with beet chip

by: Oluwasomidinla A. 


This recipe is brought to you by FUEL NKU!  

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list of ingredients: 

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ITEM: Quantity | PRICE – Where to find: 


Mini Plantain Cups 

plantain: 1 | FREE – FUEL NKU 

coconut oil: about ½ cup | FREE – FUEL NKU 


Avocado Dip:  

garlic powder: a tablespoon | $1.00 – Aldi 

onion powder: a tablespoon | $1.00 – Aldi 

white pepper: a tablespoon | $4.29 – Kroger 

black pepper: to liking | $2.99 – Kroger 

parsley: a tablespoon | $1.00 – Kroger 

 salt: a pinch | $1.19 -Kroger 


Chip of Choice: 

Dried beet chips: 12 | FREE – FUEL NKU 



Peel and cut the plantain into 12 equal pieces, the riper the better. In a large pan pour in the coconut oil and turn the heat to medium. Place each plantain gently in the oil and fry until golden brown, about 5-7 minutes on each side. Once done place on paper towels to drain excess oil. Then set one plantain in each mold in the mini muffin tin and place another muffin tin on top and press. Gently remove each plantain cup and set aside. Peel and remove the pit of one avocado and place in a small bowl or on top of a clean cutting board. Smash avocado with a fork and then mix in spices. Spoon avocado mixture into each plantain cup and place a chip on top.  

Plate as you like and enjoy! 



You could make guacamole the traditional way by also adding onions and tomatoes.  

Tortilla chips are not inherently bad but there are so many other fun options out there to try! Dried beet chips have a subtle sweetness to them that balances perfectly with the saltiness of the avocado dip. Some other chips (or crunchy things) I love are sweet potato chips, dried broccoli, lentil chips and carrot chips. 

Remember that everyone’s body is different so everyone’s dietary restrictions can be different. Instead of frying you can opt for using an air fryer or grilling on low heat.