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fried rice w/ chicken kabobs

by: Oluwasomidinla A.

List of ingredients:

I use the app instacart, which is meant for getting your groceries delivered to you, to check prices of things I need before even stepping out of the house. The app is updated in real-time and shows you coupons and deals that are available. You might even find yourself shopping where you do not normally shop at. Remember to season at every step!

(Prices may vary)

ITEM: Quantity | PRICE – Location:

vegetable oil: about 3 cups| $1.99 – Kroger

Vegetable Mix:

garlic cloves: about 3 | $1.55 – Aldi

yellow onion: half of a large | $0.59 – Kroger

carrots: 3 | $1.65 – Aldi

green beans: a good handful | $3.29 – Aldi

corn: 2 cobs | $3.29 – Aldi

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

curry: about 3 tablespoons | $2.59 – Ross

thyme: to liking | $2.15 – Aldi

garlic powder: to liking | $1.05 – Aldi

ground red pepper: to liking | $1.00 – Kroger

unsalted butter: about 2 tablespoons | $3.29 – Kroger

fried rice:

parboiled rice: 2 cups | $11.26 25lb. – Sam’s club


Prep all vegetables: Peel and smash garlic cloves then slice onions. Peel the outside of the carrots and cut off both ends before slicing with rinsed slicer. Trim both sides of the green beans and cut in half. Separate corn from cob using a large knife or a vegetable peeler. 

Cook preferred meat and strain oil. 

In a hot pan over medium-high heat, melt butter and add half of the flavoured oil, sweat onions and then add smashed garlic cloves. Toss in the rest of the prepped vegetables. Clear a space in the pan and add spices. Roast for a while until the spices are fragrant and add a bit of water. Mix well and set aside. 

In a hot pan over high heat, add washed rice in hot oil. Fry and stir frequently until browned slightly. Rice is ready when there is a dry feel when mixing and a nutty smell in the air. Add sautéed vegetable mix and stir, cover in water. Cook until rice is tender to liking and all water is absorbed. Plate as you like. 


You could always buy vegetables prepped if on a strict budget or not enough time. Food tastes good because of the care and love put into the dish, also if a good spice array is invested in. Canned and frozen veggies are often prepped and ready to eat. 



lime juice: 1 cup | $1.00 – Dollar Tree

white sugar: 1/4 cup| $1.00 – Dollar Tree

limeade: fill a pitcher with warm water and sugar, mix while adding lime juice. Fill glasses with about 1 cup of ice, add limeade.