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Spicy Cumin Plantain Fries

plantain fries

by: Oluwasomidinla A.

List of ingredients:

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(Prices may vary)

ITEM: Quantity | PRICE – Where to find:

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

plantain: 1 | $0.50 – Kroger

ground red pepper:  to liking | $1.05 – Aldi

cumin:  to liking | $1.05 – Aldi


Peel and slice plantain longwise, lightly oil and salt. Bake in the airfryer for 10 minutes at 370 degrees. 

Plate as you like and enjoy!


Eat as a snack or as a side to chicken wings, sandwiches. It even pairs well with red stew or guacamole!