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black hand holding up a glass filled with purple smoothie topped with diced mango and a white straw, brick wall background


by: Oluwasomidinla A. 

 This recipe is brought to you by FUEL NKU!  

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 list of ingredients: 

(prices may vary) 

 ITEM: Quantity | PRICE – Where to find: 

 baby spinach and chard mix: 1 cup | FREE – FUEL NKU 

frozen blackberries: ¼ cup | FREE – FUEL NKU 

frozen raspberries: ¼ cup | FREE – FUEL NKU 

coconut milk yogurt: ½ cup | FREE – FUEL NKU 

diced mango: 1 cup | $1.98 – Walmart

frozen strawberries: 2 | $1.98 – Walmart 

honey: 2 teaspoons | $3.72 – Walmart


Place all ingredients in a magic bullet and blend till smooth. Pour into a cup and top with more diced mango. Enjoy! 

Remember that everyone’s body is different so everyone’s dietary restrictions can be different. Instead of yogurt, you could use soy or almond milk. I like topping my smoothies with different things, it’s like an extra snack. It’s also like a little reward for finishing my smoothie. From coconut flakes to diced fruit to chai seeds, the possibilities are endless!