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Rice, Plantains and Everything else

rice and beans on a white plate with plantains, stew, black eye peas and chicken on a wooden table, also with 2 mason jars filled with ice, lime slices and water

by: Oluwasomidinla A.

List of ingredients:​

I use the app instacart, which is meant for getting your groceries delivered to you, to check the prices of things I need before even stepping out of the house. The app is updated in real-time and shows you coupons and deals that are available. You might even find yourself shopping where you do not normally shop at. Remember to season at every step!

(Prices may vary)

ITEM: Quantity | PRICE – Location:


black eye beans: 1/2 a pound | $1.89 – Kroger

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

white rice:

parboiled rice: 2 cups | $11.26 25lb. – Sam’s club

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

grilled chicken:

chicken thigh: 1 cut | $4.99 – Kroger

yellow onion: 1 large | $0.59 – Kroger

garlic salt: a pinch | $1.00 – Kroger

ground red pepper: to liking | $1.00 – Kroger

red pepper flakes: to liking | $1.00 – Kroger

thyme: to liking | $2.15 – Aldi

paprika: to liking | $1.05 – Aldi

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

vegetable oil: about 4 tablespoons | $1.99 – Kroger

palm oil stew:

red onions: 1| $0.99 – Kroger

diced red tomatoes: one can | $1.00 – Kroger

palm oil: about 5 tablespoons | $7.37 – African Store

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

dried basil: to taste | $1.69 – Kroger

pepper flakes: to liking | $1.00 – Kroger

thyme: to liking | $2.15 – Aldi

red pepper: to liking | $1.00 – Kroger

tomato paste: about 2 tablespoons | $0.99 – Target

fried plantains:

plantain: 1 | $0.49 – Kroger

salt: a pinch | $1.19 – Kroger

vegetable oil: about 3 cups| $1.99 – Kroger


Wash beans and rice and set two pots of water to boil. Add washed beans and rice in separate pots and add salt. Cut chicken and place in a bowl. Add onion puree, spices and oil. Rub well and set aside. Set the pan on high heat and sear chicken on all sides. Lower heat to medium heat and cook thoroughly. 

Meanwhile, peel and dice the red onion and roughly pulse the tomatoes. Set chicken aside and in the same pan add palm oil. Sweat red onions for about five minutes on medium heat. Add tomatoes and spices. While that cooks, peel, cut and salt plantains. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. 

Add tomato paste to stew and let simmer for about ten minutes or until the raw tomato taste is gone. Plate as you like. 


Onion puree is great for adding caramelized colour and a grilled taste to chicken. It is usually found by the fresh produce section, packaged in a tube. Make your own by blending cut yellow onions and adding a teaspoon by teaspoon of water until the proper consistency is reached. You can always freeze it and use it later in soups and sauces!



limes | $1.75 -Aldi

iced water w/lime: fill a mason jar with about 1 cup of ice, add water and top with a lime slice.